Who will lose their jobs to AI, and who will not?

A guest post by Etty Lefler Shay

“Soon, none of us will be needed anymore. ChatGPT can already do everything,” a friend said to me during our morning run together. “Everything except a few things. I think that my expertise in power skills is becoming more significant,” I replied with a smile.

Our world is changing, and artificial intelligence is producing breakthrough changes in many fields. It is here to stay, for better or for worse. As artificial intelligence and chatbots become more and more prevalent in the workplace, the importance of power skills in all areas related to business success, sales, customer experience, and more have grown.

So what are power skills, and why are they important?

Previously known as soft skills, they have been renamed “power skills” due to the numerous studies that have demonstrated their significant impact on the future of work and the skills required of people, companies, and organizations to remain relevant and successful.

All of the studies conducted point to one common factor: power skills will become increasingly important in the workplace, especially as AI and automation continue to change the nature of work. A report by the McKinsey Global Institute emphasizes the growing importance of power skills, such as effective and proper communication, emotional intelligence, critical and creative thinking, collaboration, problem-solving, creating interactions with customers and employees, and making complex decisions in the changing world of work.

Even the most advanced AI cannot replace the unique qualities and skills of humans, such as creativity, intuition, and empathy, which are essential in the modern workplace. Therefore, power skills are becoming more and more important as the world continues to change and evolve.

Correct – AI and chatbots can perform certain tasks much faster and more efficiently than humans, but they lack the emotional intelligence and creativity that are so vital to success in many roles.

While a chatbot may be able to answer simple customer service questions, it cannot build relationships or provide personal and empathetic support to customers, as we can.


POWER SKILLS are those that build strong relationships with customers, generate communication and influence loyalty and customer experience. They establish organizational connectedness, strengthen company branding, and differentiate it from competitors, influencing exposure and reputation management for growth and success.

They are also very important for attracting investors who are interested in the expertise and technical capabilities of companies, as well as in their organizational culture and growth potential. The more skills like communication, creativity, leadership, and others are integrated alongside technological capabilities, the greater the potential for long-term success.

In the end, we are all humans, managing personal and business relationships based on communication with the people who are our employees, customers, and colleagues. We all need empathy, understanding, and listening skills, which is why the key to success, relevance, and business growth in the new world of work is the “holy” combination of artificial intelligence and the strengthening and integration of POWER SKILLS in ongoing work processes in organizations and companies.

The main photo of this post is a lovely cook I photographed in Thailand, who thanks to her smile and communication with people, succeeds in making them buy (quite a lot) at her small stall.


About the writer:

Etty Lefler Shay is an expert in building business and communication strategies, branding, and creating unique and successful business identities that focus on sales and customer experience.
Building storytelling, and crisis management skills, and managing and leading effective business presentations with message accuracy and audience engagement.
Implementation and building of digital languages, establishing sales and service centers, and providing continuous guidance and consulting on system establishment and improving the customer experience online.
Guiding start-up companies with presentations, message accuracy, investor presentations, pitch decks, and more.
Initiator and partner in the business incubator SPRINT YOUR WAY TO SUCCESS, providing solutions and tools for companies in the areas of sales, growth, business, and organizational development, and creating a business niche through strategy and insights analysis, while adapting to changing market conditions and maximizing their products and services to different target audiences.
lecturer and workshop facilitator in POWER SKILLS.
Former chief editor of Nissim Mishal’s daily radio program “Mishal on the Morning” on Radio 103 fm Chief editor of a weekly economic program. Coordinator and system member of the program “Mishal Hame” on Channel 2, coordinator and system member of the program “Politics” on Channel 1.
Representative of the American news company CSPAN in Israel and accompanying candidates in national and local political campaigns.

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Thank you Etty for your fantastic contribution.

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