What Students Say

The course at the ICCI was what I was looking for: an international group full of different perspectives, and plenty of opportunities for practical experience. Noa and Sharon, the course trainers, are warm, friendly, and know how to create the kind of atmosphere where everyone feels free to develop their own personal coaching style. I feel that I've learned a lot that will help me as a person when it comes to being there for others. It's also inspired me to take this further on a professional level and continue training. I'd definitely recommend this course to anyone who's interested in beginning the journey to a skilled helper!"
Kate Kingsford
PhD and University lecturer
My only goal was to enhance my perspective about coaching and attain better understanding along with proper tools which could be learned through the course to become a skilful helper. I am happy that I achieved what I was hoping to from this course but I am much happier to have achieved what I was not expecting. This course has been a self-development journey and a lot to face about my own individuality as well. I am so proud of myself for taking on this course.
Sumbal Ishrat - Pakistan
A teacher and educator
The ICCI is an empowerment place that everyone needs to know, especially the international community struggling to find a place where they can empower themselves, and this is the place. For me, it has become a gospel.
Janvier Ouko - Kenya
UN worker