"The ICCI is an empowerment place that everyone needs to know, especially the international community struggling to find a place where they can empower themselves, and this is the place. For me, it has become a gospel."
Janvier Ouko
Janvier Ouko - Kenya
UN worker
"It was clear that this programme is not only going to teach you how to coach, but also how to become that person who can coach. And this I felt was essential for my personal growth, as well as my professional development"
Bernard Shanahan
Bernard Shanahan
"The diversity of the group on the course lets me see the different life philosophies from different cultures and different countries. It helps me to expand my understanding on diversity which is so fantastic for me. I really feel the non-judgemental and authentic environment that we have on the course, which really helps with the psychological safety, and being open and sharing. Even though it’s for the sake of an exercise, this is really helping us. You’re always practicing with 2 other people, and many times one of the 3 instructors who are always in the room: It feels like a comfort circle that is there for you to support you. So on top of getting coaching, it’s almost like a having a network system who supports you, and I think that is the bonus of the course. "
Nur Pelin
"Dear Noa, I wanted to express my gratitude for the coaching course I have completed in your institute. The opportunity for the ‘Foundation coaching course` came up exactly at the right time in my life, despite having many concerns, to begin with, within half an hour of the first session, these diminished, and I knew that I had made the right decision to grab this experience with open arms. Working with children for the past 20 years I have learnt so much. Young people`s mental health is impacted by so many factors. I wanted to learn how to communicate with children more effectively. I wanted to improve for all the children I work with, expand my knowledge, and boost my capabilities and confidence. Your course has set me on the right path to achieve my goals and more. I have learned so much and grown as an educator, a family member, and a person. I have learned how to truly listen to others, how to stay clean of judgment, and ask good quality questions to be the best coach I can be. From the very first session, you have given me the confidence to visualise myself as a coach and I immediately put what I’ve learnt into practice. Seeing the benefits with the children I work with, my friends and family members, has given me many valuable lessons. Another element of the course that was profound was the peer group practice and embarking on this journey with like-minded people was truly wonderful. Noa, your passion for coaching is evident in your teaching, your patience, and the time and love you give to every one of your students, your feedback was valuable and always thought-provoking. Thank you for guiding me through an incredible training journey,that fuelled my passion and motivation to become a coach! Yours sincerely, Libby. "
Libby Landau
Libby Landau
The UK
"I have never been on a course that I have learnt so much and grown so much as this one. Even if professional coaching is not your end goal, the things you learn, help you connect so much to yourself as a person. The incredible interaction between peers, where we coach and help one another throughout the programme adds an immense personal benefit to the course that greatly enhances your personal growth. I would recommend this course to everyone."
Vicky crop Victoria Clark
Victoria Clark
South Africa
"Noa, I can't thank you and Julia enough for pushing me to my limits and helping me discover my true potential. Your dedication and belief in me have been instrumental in my success. I am forever grateful for your guidance. We wouldn't be where we are today without you both.
Tristan Eugene G. Gula, RN, RRM
Fleet Safety Coach, FUGRO
"As much as I’ve studied, I’ve never actually had to participate this much before. Up until now it’s always been theory. I have little real-life experience in the things that matter to me. People and connecting with them. I’ve never felt safe enough to come out of this comfort zone. It’s only day two on this course and I’m already comfortable. I don’t feel judged. I feel held. What a great experience to feel like I can be myself in a learning environment."
Alexis Downing
"I was happy to learn that this training is based on the Humanistic and Person Centered approach, which really helps you to understand people's behaviour. I connected to this approach and now it helps me to help others"
Pedro Lechuga-Farías - Mexico
"The energy the trainers bring into classroom or through zoom is awesome. The connectivity between students and trainers, even online, is something I personally treasure. "
Ella Ubiebi
"My only goal was to enhance my perspective about coaching and attain better understanding along with proper tools which could be learned through the course to become a skilful helper. I am happy that I achieved what I was hoping to from this course but I am much happier to have achieved what I was not expecting. This course has been a self-development journey and a lot to face about my own individuality as well. I am so proud of myself for taking on this course."
Sumbal Ishrat - Pakistan
"The course at the ICCI was what I was looking for: an international group full of different perspectives, and plenty of opportunities for practical experience. Noa and Sharon, the course trainers, are warm, friendly, and know how to create the kind of atmosphere where everyone feels free to develop their own personal coaching style. I feel that I've learned a lot that will help me as a person when it comes to being there for others. It's also inspired me to take this further on a professional level and continue training. I'd definitely recommend this course to anyone who's interested in beginning the journey to a skilled helper!"
Kate K
Kate Kingsford - UK
PhD and University lecturer
"This training gave me a lot of insights into other people: to understand how they think and how they feel"
Myles Stiffler
"Dearest Noa, Thank you so much for the most amazing morning. I am so grateful. It was truly incredible, I loved meeting everyone, I loved the structure and flow of the workshop and most of all I am so grateful to be joining the training. I have been excited about this but truly today really brought it all home to me, this is my life changing experience and I am so excited, so grateful and so very ready. Thank you to Oriana as well and everyone else involved in making it such an incredible meaningful workshop. Definitely tools that I will start using immediately. Wishing you all a wonderful weekend. Thank you Jacquie"
Jacquie Wilkinson

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