We don’t stop, we change the route

If you were to drive from The Hague to Amsterdam, and all of a sudden they would close the tunnel near Schiphol airport, what would you do?

Stop there and stay at the entrance to the tunnel?

Of course not.

You’ll look for an alternative route, even if your sat-nav (whichever you’re using) is still insisting on telling you to go through the tunnel.

The quicker you’ll do that, the quicker you’ll get to Amsterdam.

And your sat-nav will quickly adjust itself too.

You’ll take an ACTIVE role, and find out what alternative roads can bring you to Amsterdam, even if it means that you’ll have to drive through the Dutch country side.

You’re not going to give up on the idea of Amsterdam.
You might need to adjust not just the route but also the time of arrival, and maybe some of your plans while finally in Amsterdam will have to change, but you’ll get there.

Now what about your emotional behaviour?

You might be taken by surprise at the beginning, you might even be disappointed, angry, upset… But once you’re on your new route your initial frustration will most likely change to being determined, flexible, and feeling a sense of accomplishment beyond the normal one.

And who knows… you might even start enjoying the view of the windmills and canals which you wouldn’t even notice on the main fast road.

The same for us, business owners, at this time of Corona:

It’s not the time to stop, it’s the time to look for alternative routes.

It’s time to be active, to do something which you’ve never thought possible before (here at The ICCI, we didn’t stop training: we quickly moved to online learning, and the feedback from our students was great), time to find creative solutions.

It’s not time to sit and cry and worry because you cannot work the way you are used to.

it’s time to check and look for solutions on how you can work despite the situation.

If you never coached online this is the time to say to yourself: “I’m to learn how to do it.”

If your clients cannot see you now, this is the time to look for other people who might have not been able to come to your practice so far, because you never offered online coaching, but now that you are offering it, they’ll be able to be your clients.

Thinking outside the box, looking for new ways to go about with things, is what will help us all get through these challenging times.



(Photos: Depositphotos)

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