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How to unleash your potential and start coaching 3 months from now

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In this online tutorial, I explained how you can use your life experience and become someone who can coach within 3 months!

I spoke about:

I introduced our Foundation for Coaching course (Phase 1A) which will start on May 18th, 2024

I explained that whoever will join the course following the webinar, will be able to enjoy the following
a special offer:
Price for Phase 1A: €1275 instead of €1425 + €50 Registration fee
A special offer
Price for the combination of Phase 1A + 1B (Foundation for Coaching – Introduction + Practicum)
Take Phase 1A + 1B together and pay only €2200

Plus, bonuses:

1. Discount of €150

2. No need to pay registration fee – save €100

3. Get 3 months on our Graduates Programme – worth €150

4. You can pay in 8 installments of €277.5

Valid until Friday 10th of May for starting the course on 18th of May

Here’s how to register:

Call 0650499646 and ask to talk to Noa Brume
Book an intake via this link at a time that’s convenient for you: 

Get more details about the course first, and leave us your details there, so we can get back to you:


Looking forward to having you on the course,

Noa and The ICCI team

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