The 10 ways in which we’re supporting our students at The ICCI

We understand people, and understand the way they thrive.

They say that every child needs an adult who believes in them.
We believe that adults too need other adults who believe in them in order to experience growth and shine.

When we feel supported,
when we have someone who is there for us and believes in us,
not letting us give up and showing that they are there all the way, we succeed.

At The ICCI, supporting our students has become a very known thing, and there are some good reasons why.

I’ll try to share a few, although the best will be if you’ll see me talking about it, because one needs to feel the vibes, and that can’t be done in writing.

You can watch me talking about it here:

But I’ll try to list it too:

1. We interview every single one of you, in order to makes sure that there’s going to be a good connection, that you’ve got the energy, values and personality that will fit with the wonderful things we’re going to do together.
This will ensure not only that we have a good group which will progress together, but also that we’ll be enjoying helping you succeed, from the moment you start and till the moment you’re ready to coach on your own. We give you the confidence to do so all the way, and beyond (read below).

2. We’re teaching in relatively small groups.  This way everyone gets enough attention, has their own place in the group, and everybody is being “seen”.
The bond and the support of the group as a whole is of extreme importance. In a small group you can easily share your story, be listened to and the friendships which are being created are inspiring.

3. We operate a ratio of a trainer per 4-6 students. This ensures that there’s always someone there to be with you when you practise, to give advice and feedback on the spot.
It also means that someone is always available for a chat, or to stay behind if needed.
There are more advantages to always having 2-3 members of staff onboard each course:
– Different trainers will show you different styles of coaching. This will enrich your learning.
– And different people connect to different trainers. You might find it that you prefer to approach one of us more than the other, and that’s perfectly fine.
– 2-3 trainers means more ideas, more observations, more paying attention to the students needs (each one of us sees something different, and that’s only natural).
There’s a great advantage also to you seeing how we work as a team. Modelling this is as important for your future work as a coach who might wish to work in collaboration with other coaches .

4. We personally get to know each one of you, with your strengths and points where you need a little push or more support. Such personal connection is crucial for you to feel safe and not be afraid to make mistakes.

5. We operate an Open Door policy: Emails and phone calls between students and trainers are unlimited, and we’ll always be there for you to answer and discuss things (during office hours, or by appointment).

6. We have a whatsapp group for the group, so if there’s anything you need to ask the group or the trainers quickly, you can use it.
For example: We recently had a student who got cold feet before her first session with a new client. She texted the group and they all encouraged her and reminded her of the wonderful things she can do. She went in and felt great!

7. We operate a Facebook group for each course: a place for putting extra links, articles and open interesting discussions. This is not a must but an EXTRA thing in which we support your learning and all are invited to share.

8. We operate Questions & Answers sessions: every few weeks we have this online open forum for you to ask questions which we maybe had no time to discuss during the training days. We’re giving you that extra place to do so.

9. We have the Free Coaching Platform on our website: A place where our advanced students each get a page to advertise themselves and get tons of exposure (even before they have their own website).
Look at it here:

10. We have a Graduates Programme, in which we carry on supporting each other even after you’ve graduated and working in the community. You’re never walking alone.

And… that’s beyond the supportive atmosphere and the feeling of togetherness we create in every single one of our courses, just because we love training you, we love being together and see you thrive.


It’s our pleasure to do it.
And it’ll be our pleasure to it for you too.


Noa Brume
The ICCI founder and main trainer

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