Thank you for joining our Open Online Training Evening

We’re happy to have you with us for this enriching and interesting training.

Your place is booked for Tuesday, January 10th 2023.

A confirmation email was sent to you just now.

You’re about to find more about coaching and to check if learning coaching / becoming a skilled helper is for you, and that’s always an exciting thing.

We have a full and exciting programme planned, which will start at 18:30 and end at 21:30

We trust you to arrive on time to enter the ZOOM room (see instructions below), which will be open for you to join from 18:15, where you’ll put in a waiting room, and be allowed in at 18:30.

Please make sure that you can stay for the full programme (it’s not a drop-by, but a full morning with fun exercises and time for questions and answers about coaching in general and our coaching courses.)

Make sure to have something to drink with you, and something to write on.

If you’ve not done that yet, you’re invited to have a look at our website and the links here above, especially the part called Our Courses
before you join the training.
You’ll find all the information and all the details (What is the course, who is it for, dates, prices etc. there).

We strongly advise that you add our email address to your address book, so that our emails of confirmation and reminders do not end in your spam folder.
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For any question, please contact Noa Brume, our courses manager and main trainer on 0650499646 

See you soon,

The ICCI team

For the ZOOM to work best, we  also recommend to do the following:

  •  To log in with your full name (or change it once you’re in the room by clicking on the three dots and click ‘Change name’.
  • We highly recommend to use a desktop/laptop and not a phone or tablet. This way we’ll be able to see you properly.
  • Sit so that there’s a window in front of you, so the light is on your face and not behind you (or else you’ll appear very dark).
  • Try to have a plain wall behind you (rather than a bookcase for example), so your background is not confusing for others.
  • Sit in a room alone, so you give the training the full attention. It’s time for you to enjoy.
  • Try not to use headphones. It doesn’t look natural to others when you use them.
  • Make sure that you have a good internet connection. You might need to ask others in the house not to use it at the same time, and take your phone off wifi.
  • Remember that when you have the opportunity to talk, that you look at the camera and not at the screen. It’s better for eye contact.

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