What you learn

Phase 1: Becoming a Skilful Helper

In this phase we concentrate on checking who we are and what can we offer other people from our life experience.

We learn the main tools and skills a professional helper needs and we learn how to be able to bring the person which we’re helping through a meaningful process to their desired place in their life. We learn to empower other people and help them see their path in a clearer way, so they can take control over their lives and their decisions.

We do that through discussions, practising and documenting our journey.


Phase 1 consists of 2 modules:

Module 1-

“Building the helper’s toolkit” – In which we learn tools and skills which help us helping other people.

We’ll concentrate on:

  • Active listening
  • Effective questioning
  • Empathising
  • Building trust
  • Feedback giving
  • Empowering

As the beauty of the coaching profession is that it lies not only on skills and tools but also on the personality and the ability of the coach to bring themselves into the coaching relationship, it is important that we also start exploring who we are, what are our strengths, what are our own abilities and what is important to us.

This is why we’ll also start a self-exploration journey, so we can start using our past knowledge and life experience as powerful tools when working as coaches.


Module 2-

“Becoming a Confident Helper” – In which we’ll learn how to use what we’ve learnt in module 1 in order to be able to help someone go through a meaningful (healing) process in their life: This can mean overcoming certain challenges and difficulties or achieving certain desired goals.

We’ll use “The Skilled Helper” model as our main instrument to learn how to assist another person in getting from point A to a more preferred point B in their lives.

We’ll know how to help someone else create a meaningful journey for themselves. We’ll learn how to empower the person we assist so they can take responsibility and control over their lives and be proactive and accountable for their actions.


The breakdown of the courses hours:

The total 100 study hours of phase 1 consist of:

60 hours of in-class training (10 training days)

5 hours of online training

25 hours of peer studying (10 during module 1 + 15 during module 2)

5 hours* of receiving coaching for yourself by a professional coach (*a minimum of. Can be taken anytime during phase I)

5 hours* of you coaching one of our mentors (*a minimum of. During module 2)



On top of these hours, you should calculate time for reading the theory, homework and preparation for the lessons. We believe that you’ll have to dedicate an extra 3-5 hours a week on average for that.


At the end of phase I student will receive a Certificate of Participation stating the hours of studies the student covered and the topics covered during this phase.

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