Who is it for?

Our Phase 2: The Professional Coach course is for you if:

On top of what was explained

  • You wish to become a professional coach (working for yourself or finding a job in other organisations)
  • You see your see their destiny in helping people to get over difficulties and thrive
  • You are seeking for a profession which can be used “on the move” when you relocate or move back home
  • You wish to add professional coaching to an existing career
  • You understand the importance studying for such a meaningful profession in a profound long-term training
  • You wish that alongside learning the theory there will be ample of practice in class and practical work with real clients while still being supported by the course.
  • You value receiving a diploma which will not only reassure it for yourself and your clients that you’ve studied enough and practiced enough to be calling yourself a professional coach, but it can also open more doors.

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