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Courses manager and Expert Trainer
Noa Brume

Noa is our manager and main trainer for the International Coaching Diploma course.

She has been training coaching courses since 2013 and is a liked and highly respected trainer who brings real results to her students. It’s her positive and dynamic approach which makes her teaching interesting and engaging.

Noa is a highly qualified and greatly experienced trainer, she has been teaching adults since 1993. For many years she taught in the Rothberg International School at the Hebrew University in Jerusalem and later on in the Oriental Institute in Oxford University in England.

Having lived in Israel (where she’s originally from), Paris, London and now The Hague, Noa is well travelled and well experienced in being an expat. Since moving to The Netherlands, Noa has been highly involved in the International community in The Hague.
This experience has given her an insightful understanding of the diversity in culture and needs of people who come from different backgrounds, which translates into her work as trainer on the courses.

Noa’s private client work combines both coaching and counselling, which brings depth into her work with her clients.
Although strongly believing in our way of working with the humanistic and Person -Centred approach to coaching, Noa has been interested in many other methods of the profession and is constantly expanding and broadening her professional knowledge.
She’ll be sharing all that with you, the students.

Noa is a popular trainer and lecturer with the international companies and organisations  based in The Netherlands. She’s often invited to give training and talks on various topics related to personal and professional development, coaching and leadership. In 2015 she gave her first inspirational TEDx talk.
She does that though her company NBmove.
Find more about her on her website:


Oriana van der Sande

Oriana is a life-coach, trainer and storyteller based in Delft.

Born in Romania, Oriana moved as a teenager with her parents to The Netherlands. For the first 15 years of her working life she worked in communication and public relations.
Together with her husband she moved her career abroad twice. This international experience has given her insights and understanding of diversity and the challenges people with diverse cultural backgrounds face.

Oriana studied coaching and counselling and she obtained her specialization as a multicultural coach. In 2015 she started her own company as an independent coach and trainer.
Her work as a coach and counsellor made her realise that the stories of people are the central piece of her practice. She studied professional storytelling and narrative coaching. As a storyteller Oriana is performing regularly. She now uses the power of words and stories as the basis of her coaching and trainings.

Since 2017 she has been working closely with Noa Brume and she is involved in creating materials for the ICCI courses and trainings.
Oriana is liked by the students for being approachable, serious yet fun, sharp and very supportive.

Find more about Oriana on her website: www.storianacoaching.nl


Sharon Perets

Sharon has a multicultural background and is a Medical Doctor with more than 10 years of work experience. As a doctor she feels that the best part of her job is to help and support her patients through health related challenges in their life.
In her work Sharon was intuitively drawn to coaching techniques and developed herself in this direction, becoming a leader and a teacher for medical doctors focusing on how to better communicate, support and promote change while providing medical care.

Sharon works and lives in the Amsterdam area since 2010. Moving abroad with her family exposed her to the challenges of cultural and midlife career change.

Feeling she wanted to further develop and support her patients, Sharon enrolled and completed Noa’s coaching and counselling course in 2018.

The course gave her confidence to start her own practice offering her expertise in the area of medical coaching while working and volunteering for short periods as a medical doctor abroad.

Her approach is eclectic as she combines medical knowledge and coaching techniques to cater her client’s needs. She sees a bright future as her practice expands and hopes to develop and make this her main line of work in the near future.

Assistant Phase 2 – Gillian McDonnell

Gillian hails from the UK, but moved to the Netherlands back in 1999. Her initial move to Holland was taken as a chance to broaden her horizons and experience a different culture, an idea and a passion which Gillian has continued to pursue throughout her life. Now married with two young boys, Gillian truly enjoys her life in the Netherlands and is keen to pass on her love of people and culture to others.

In her working life, Gillian held numerous office-based positions, choosing roles initially to simply ‘make a living.’ Like many others when young, her focus was on life outside of work but as time wore on, she felt a yearning to find something more meaningful in her career. But what to choose?

Her interest in human behaviour and how the mind works led her to study Psychology in her spare time, which she found very rewarding. Also, after working closely with a mentor in one of her most recent positions, Gillian was able to determine the common thread that repeated through her career. The connecting tissue between all of the working roles she had enjoyed, from Legal Assistant to Customer Service and more besides, had been a desire to help and support people, in one way or another.

It was this realization that spurred Gillian on to want to develop herself as a coach and mentor for other people who are experiencing similar confusion and struggling to find meaning and value in their professional lives.
Gillian sees a light and a flame in everyone and believes firmly that, with the help of a dedicated coach, taking the time to connect with and understand your inner self can be an important first step. Understanding not only the decisions you have made in the past, but the reasons for why you chose to act in a certain way, can help a person gain insight into what truly drives them. Once that passion and drive is understood, then you can begin to harness it and work towards the career and satisfaction you’ve always craved.

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