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ICCI trainers:

Founder, Courses Manager and Expert Trainer
Noa Brume

Noa is our manager and main trainer for the International Coaching Diploma course.

She has been training coaching courses since 2013 and is a liked and highly respected trainer who brings real results to her students. It’s her positive and dynamic approach that makes her teaching interesting and engaging.

Noa is a highly qualified and greatly experienced trainer, she has been teaching adults since 1993. For many years she taught at the Rothberg International School at the Hebrew University in Jerusalem and later on at the Oriental Institute at Oxford University in England.

Having lived in Israel (where she’s originally from), Paris, London, and now The Hague, Noa is well-traveled and well-experienced in being an expat. Since moving to The Netherlands, Noa has been highly involved in the International community in The Hague.
This experience has given her an insightful understanding of the diversity in culture and needs of people who come from different backgrounds, which translates into her work as a trainer on the courses.

Noa’s private client work combines both coaching and counselling, which brings depth to her work with her clients.
Although strongly believing in our way of working with the humanistic and Person-centered approach to coaching, Noa has been interested in many other methods of the profession and is constantly expanding and broadening her professional knowledge.
She’ll be sharing all that with you, the students.

Noa is a popular trainer and lecturer with international companies and organisations based in The Netherlands. She’s often invited to give training and talks on various topics related to personal and professional development, coaching, and leadership. In 2015 she gave her first inspirational TEDx talk.
She does that through her company NBmove.
Find more about her on her website:




Co-Trainer Julia Korpak

Julia lives in The Hague and is a part-time trainer with The ICCI.
She is a certified coach and a member of The ICCI, where she helps people connect to their dreams and take responsibility for their lives.
Her main work is at Fugro, a geo-data specialist company, where she successfully
leads a remote team of professional Fleet Safety Coaches and other professionals who ensure the quality, health, safety, security, and environmental standards of the Fugro operations. She has over 10 years of experience in the maritime industry, working in various roles.
Julia is passionate about learning and development and enjoys mentoring young graduates who want to pursue a career further.
She believes that growth is a choice that we have to make again and again and that we all have the potential to be the best version of ourselves.


Assistant – Alexis Downing

Alexis lives in Capelle aan den IJssel and is an Assistant with the ICCI.

A certified coach affiliated with NOBCO/EMCC and has her own practice, In Life and Loss Coaching dedicated to aiding individuals navigating the complexities of loss and grief. Currently, Alexis is also actively engaged in training charity employees in non-death loss within her local community.

Leaving the UK as a child, she has lived in France, Spain, UAE, and The Netherlands which she now calls home and although she has never called herself an expat, she empathises with the challenges of relocation.

Her passion lies in raising awareness around grief, particularly as a result of non-death loss, driven by her own experiences in dealing with the health decline of a loved one.

Alexis believes that through shared awareness, genuine listening, and enhanced community support, the world can evolve into a kinder, more compassionate place.

As an alum and advocate of the ICCI, she understands the transformative journey of becoming a coach and looks forward to the opportunity to guide new students on their personal and professional paths.


Assistant – Denise Staubli

Denise is an assistant with the ICCI and a certified coach.

She brings a wealth of international and sustainability experience, and a holistic, nurturing pair of
eyes to her role. She is a blend of analytical and intuitive, serious yet full of chuckles, an optimist
forever curious about people’s stories.

Having delved into environmental, cultural, and social challenges across four continents, Denise has
equipped herself with unparalleled creative problem-solving skills throughout her career. This global
tapestry of experiences, combined with her coaching expertise, builds the foundation for her own
work as a coach, project facilitator, and strategic consultant.
It is her multi-faceted interest in people, their stories, and cultures that led her to study and practice

Her genuine interest extends to understanding the unique challenges and strategies of every
generation, including her own story embedded within, and the role of this fast-paced and hassle-
driven world we live in today.
Working with clients, Denise advocates for a dual approach: addressing the present and looking
towards the future, while also delving into the root causes of issues.
Whether it is personal growth, group discussions, or community management, Denise is enthusiastic
about collaborating with other students at ICCI.
It’s not just about reaching goals a big fan of creating a journey as rewarding as the destination.

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