A free online tutorial with Noa Brume:

For people who love helping others and want to see if coaching is the next step they should take.

How to unleash your potential and start coaching 3 months from now

See how it is possible to start coaching and effectively help people around you, without self-doubt and with enough tools and skills to do a great job.

Look at what people were saying after only the first 3 months of coaching training:

Put the doubtful voices in your head aside, and join this session to see how this is possible for you as well!

With what knowledge will you come out of this online tutorial?

And above all, you’ll feel motivated to start your journey as a coach.

It can be simple to put your life experience and love for people into a new career and an exciting path!

When you understand what such a transformation consists of, when you stop getting confused by all the information that exists out there, when you understand that the path to becoming a coach has clear, simple rules that are suitable for everyone - you can go ahead and set yourself up to the change you were wondering if you can do for a while, and just jump onboard confidently.

I was in your place one day. I worked with a coach and thought: "Can I maybe do this too? I saw people around training as coaches and how they developed and grew, and I wanted to experience this growth too.

I had doubts and asked myself: Am I going to be good at helping others? And if so, then where and what should I study? I was a teacher and a university instructor. I knew that I draw satisfaction from encouraging people to develop, but I was scared to take the actual step and study being a coach.

Until I realised that the excitement I feel when I help others, and the satisfaction I draw from empowering people, are bigger than the fear to dare,.

And that’s when I decided to embark on the journey of becoming a coach.

That’s when I went and found a comprehensive coaching training, one in which I was confident that I’d study enough and get enough support from the trainers and the group. A training that would move me forward at a good pace, and in which I’d feel comfortable and not judged.

Jumping years later, I founded The ICCI (The International Coaching & Counselling Institute), a place where I can carry on empowering others by showing them that the gifts they were blessed to have and their ‘people skills’ and love for people’s improvement and growth, can be exactly what they need to become the life-coach I so much love to be.

And this is why I whole-heartedly and with no hesitation can say that those who follow our programme, can be coaching their first clients after less than 3 months from the day they began to train with us.

And I will explain exactly how this is possible during our online tutorial.

Will you join me?

I encourage you to come to listen, even if it still feels scary or a far dream. Just join the online tutorial. Maybe you’ll find out that it’s not that impossible. Maybe you’ll decide to embark on this journey just for your fun and sense of development, without becoming an actual coach? Opening up to possibilities is what allows us to move on with our lives.

I promise you that you’ll be saying to yourself that you’re happy that you joined this online tutorial.

Who will enjoy this online tutorial?

When and where?

This is a live online session, together with me, Noa Brume, the founder of The ICCI and creator and developer of its coaching training

It will take place on Monday, April 29th 2024

between 20:00 and 21:30 CET/Amsterdam time

You can join it via your computer, tablet or phone, whichever is the most convenient for you (the session will be in a webinar format: others won’t see you, but you’ll be able to ask questions via a chat).

A few words about me:

Nice to meet you, I’m Noa Brume, an experienced life-coach and the founder of The ICCI.

As a trainer who shows people how to become coaches, I made it my goal to make sure that every one of my students will always feel supported and that we, as an institute, believe in them.
I aim to give my students the best quality coaching training that I can provide and to adhere to high standards both in my training programmes and the expectations I have from my students.

I have realised over the years that this is what brings true results to the people who choose to train with us.

I love people. I enjoy seeing people develop and dare to move their lives forward.

Meeting people who want to achieve new things, sometimes big things is an inspiration, and I’ll do whatever I can to help my students succeed in their dream to be there for others, and to learn how to use themselves as a means to bring good to this world, one person at a time.

A few words about us:

The International Coaching & Counselling Institute (The ICCI), is an English-speaking training centre, serving the diverse and exciting growing international community in The Netherlands.

We specialise in training internationals to become coaches who can work both in The Netherlands and anywhere else in the world; answering to the unique needs of international and multicultural communities.

We help individuals turn their desire to assist others into a fulfilling and exciting profession.

We believe that everyone has the right to develop and grow and that people have more chances to overcome challenges when supported by one another.

Our courses are in English and are offered in The Hague and online, both to individuals and organisations.

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Even if you can't participate in this live session, I recommend that you fill in your details and get access to the recording, which will remain available for 3 days after the live broadcast:

What do people who took coaching courses with us say?

We’re going to have a strengthening, educational, and fun session.
Waiting to see you and to move your life forward.

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