Coaching for Success

Your Journey to Proficiency in Coaching

A Professional Coaching Training with The International Coaching & Counselling Institute

We’re inviting you to a spesialised training for people who want to become professional coaches who influence many people and make their lives exciting and meaningful

To experience the joy of working with people, to get excited because you’re becoming a person who makes a meaningful change in people’s lives.
To know that you can be happy and satisfied with your work every day, simply because you do what gives you great pleasure.

You are what we call a ‘people-person’. You thrive when you’re around other people and enjoy their presence.

You love it when people are coming to you to share what’s on their minds, you enjoy listening to them and their stories, and you’re good at offering them a listening ear.

You feel that you may be able to make this love you have for people into a profession, and you’re right!

You can become a professional coach, and get rewarded for what you do naturally and passionately.

You are already a very caring person. You’re always ready to be there for others, to give them a hand, and to be the shoulder they can lean on.

You’re known to be giving great advice and great support. As a coach, you’ll do all that in a way that will not only leave you satisfied at the end of a work day but also allow you to get rewarded for your help and make a living out of it.

This is how I started: I helped people because I saw that when I listened to their stories and shared ideas with them, it helped to get the heavy load off their chests, and they could see a brighter future. I loved it, and I decided to take it a step further and do it professionally.
I had this burning need to give, to help, to support. I knew that I had what it takes to make a difference in people.
Just like you, I felt a gap between my enthusiasm to help, and knowing how to help professionally, and just like you, I decided to learn how to do it.

I have seen so many people like you and me, who drow satisfaction from seeing others getting better. I find it so beautiful and that’s what I love doing best: seeing you guys taking what is burning in you and transforming this into making this world a better place, one person at a time.

This course has set me on the right path to achieving my goals, and to be able to coach. From the very first session, you have given me the confidence to visualise myself as a coach and I immediately put what I’ve learned into practice.
Within half an hour of the first training day, I knew that I had made the right decision to grab this experience with The ICCI.
Being a coach and a listening ear is so rewarding and is coming so naturally to me now thanks to your guidance.

Libby Landau – The UK

Libby Landau

What will happen in your life when you follow our course?

But above all, you’ll feel fulfilled and content because you’re doing what you love. You’ll be confident, feel empowered, and be able to help others in a way that will better their lives.

What will we do together on the course:​

Coaching for Success - Your Journey to Proficiency in Coaching

To prepare you most efficiently to become a coach, the programme Coaching for Success – Your Journey to Proficiency in Coaching is taught in two stages:
Phase 1 – Foundation for Coaching
Phase 2 – The Professional Coach Practitioner

Phase 1 - Foundation for Coaching

In this phase, we’ll teach you tools and skills that coaches use to support another person on a meaningful journey of change and will work with you on the structure of coaching, so you can start coaching people with easy challenges right after this part of the course.

Phase 1 has two modules:
Module A: Introduction, in which we’re learning to coach during 5 training days
Module B: Practicum, in which you will start coaching real clients under our support
At the end of Phase 1, you’ll know how to coach and will have a good understanding and experience of what it means to be a coach. You’ll be ready to move on to the Professional Coach Practitioner part of the course (Phase 2).

Phase 1, Module A

  • We’ll get to know each other so you will feel comfortable with our other students and the trainers.
  • We’ll talk about safety and how we keep ourselves and each other safe during the course and coaching.
  • We’ll explore confidentiality: what it means to us, and to what extent we are obliged to keep confidentiality as coaches.
  • We’ll start the journey of becoming good listeners
  • We’ll talk about feelings and their importance in our lives 
  • We’ll learn the art of giving feedback
  • We’ll deepen our ability to listen more effectively
  • We’ll talk about the different types of questions and will understand what question is suitable to ask, for what purpose, and when.
  • We’ll explore our values, and understand the important part they take in our lives.
  • We’ll carry on with exercises that will help us be good listeners
  • We’ll challenge our thoughts, and beliefs and will explore when they’re benefitting us and when they are limiting us
  • We’ll explore and strengthen your competencies as a helper and a coach to be.
  • We’ll talk about the conditions that need to exist when we’re coaching.
  • We’ll introduce the Person-Centered approach to coaching (part of the Humanistic approach) and will see how we work with it.
  • We’ll expand the topic of emotions and feelings and see how they drive our behaviour.
  • We’ll continue the journey of becoming great listeners.
  • We’ll learn The Skilled Helper Model for helping and coaching
  • We’ll see how to encourage clients to tell their stories and encourage them to get a deeper understanding and clarification of their situation.
  • We’ll see how to explore possible solutions with our clients
  • We’ll discover and be able to apply different ways of the important topic of goal setting.
  • We’ll develop our ability to use The Skilled Helper Model even further and will get to grip more of its possibilities
  • We’ll work on our ability to use reflection as a coaching tool.
  • We’ll learn how to summarise a coaching journey with the client and how to send them equipped to carry on developing by themselves.

Phase 1, Module B

This is where the fun continues and the real ride begins. 

In this part of your training, you’ll start working with real clients, and that’s exciting!

Because all the knowledge, tools, and skills from Module A, will be applied in real coaching situations. You’ll see this happening in front of your eyes, and you’ll know that it’s thanks to you, that people are experiencing positive change in their lives!

Phase 2 - The Professional Coach Practitioner

This phase is where everything starts to be absolutely mind-blowing.
Think about it: you know how to coach, you have even coached some people already and saw how your work is moving them forward like they’ve never thought possible, and now you’re going to take it not just to the next level, but a few levels up!

Here we talk about real business, real clients, and vast personal and professional development.

At the end of Phase 2 not only you know how to coach professionally, but you’ll also have enough clientele who can recommend you to new clients, enough experience and maybe you’ll open your practice during this phase already. After all, you’ll have a diploma in coaching!

These are the 6 modules of Phase 2:

We’ll learn the ethical code of the profession, understand its importance, and how it translates into our work with clients. We’ll also look at some common ethical issues and raise possible ethical dilemmas.

In this module, we’ll work on establishing a frame of work as a coach (from how the client hears about you, through establishing a relationship all the way to finishing the mutual work). Boundaries, coach-client agreements, referring, logistics, money matters, etc. will all be explored in this module.

We’ll practise and get a better understanding of how to take a client through a meaningful thought-provoking journey, and how to encourage them to use more of their personal potential.

We’ll explore how to best help our clients to get from point A to a more preferred point B in their lives.

This module focuses on the client’s actual journey: Active listening, effective questioning, meaningful communication, looking for possibilities, planning, goal setting, accountability, action taking, and reflecting are all going to be explored.

Building on phase I (in which those topics were learned too) we are now going deeper into the exploration, and basing it on our work with real clients.

This is “group supervision”, where we discuss ethical dilemmas, hear each other’s clients’ stories, learn from one another, and support each other.

Each student will have the opportunity to explore a certain specific way of working with clients.

During your advanced training as a coach, you will find what audience you might prefer to work with (for example: expats/women/parents/students/caregivers / elderly people), or what kind of coach you’d like to become (for example: Job coach, existential coach, leadership coach, loss and bereavement coach, relationship and family coach, spiritual coach, business coach. The list is long and varied).

Each student will have to explore this and use it in at least some of the coaching sessions they give.

During Phase 2 you’ll give 100 coaching sessions, and you can start doing this right from the beginning of this part of the course.

As your faith in yourself as a practitioner grows, we’ll help you to find the right clients for your level of competency: first, those with less complicated problems until you feel confident to work with more challenging issues.

Our aim is to help the good coaches, those who are studying profoundly and showing commitment to the profession, be out there and serve the community

Most students will be able to earn money for these 100 hours, and in this way, cover the course expenses.

What bonuses do we offer on this training:

Extra bonuses
only for people who will take the full programme
(Phase 1+2):

1. Your own personal page on our website to advertise your services.

2. Free tutorial: Building a successful coaching website (worth €295).

Everything to help you become an active and busy coach who attracts the right clients for you.

This training programme is for you if:

How does the program work?

Phase 1 - Foundation for Coaching

Is taught during 5 full training days (if taken face-to-face in The Hague) or 10 training evenings (if taken online via a virtual class on Zoom).

We’re meeting together as one supportive group of like-minded people, we learn through demonstrations, practice, and theory discussions.

These are such fun days, that we promise you’ll end each one of them energetic despite having studied for a few hours.
You’ll be recharged with ideas and enthusiasm from doing what you love to do.

At the end of this module, you’ll have to pass a 1.5 hour knowledge exam.

At this stage, you’ll be privileged to coach real clients and help them achieve a meaningful and exciting life change.
Imagine that!

To complete this part and get your first Diploma in Coaching at Foundation level, you’ll have to:

  • Coach people for a total of 50 hours
  • Get to work with a supervisor of your choice
  • Get mentoring or coaching for yourself
  • Carry on meeting your trainers once a month online via Zoom, for a group session of 3 hours in which we discuss together challenges, ethical dilemmas and the fundamental knowledge people who coach need to have (such as client’s agreements, the Ethical Code of coaching, and how to get clients). 

We’ll be there for you every step of the way to guide, support, and encourage, and of course, celebrate your great achievements.

Phase 2 - The Professional Coach Practitioner

In this phase, there are 6 modules (modules C-H).
In Phase 2 they’re being taught parallel to each other to ensure a steady development and practising of skills learned.

The practicum model of 100 hours of working with real clients in this phase is integrated into the course.

Discussions about ethics, new coaching methods and modules, and adding skills to your toolkit are being practised, as you learn.

At the end of this phase, you’ll be a fully qualified certified coach who can offer services to a wide variety of clients (private and corporate ones).

In Phase 2 we have 10 Training Days (you can join them face-to-face or online) which are given once a month from April to March + 6 more months in which we accompany you to finish all your assignments.

What will happen next?

After leaving your details in this form, you’ll be directed to a page for booking an intake session with Noa Brume, the head of our programmes.

Once we decide to offer you a place on the course, you’ll be sent our Welcome Pack, with a registration Form and other relevant documents.

After sending your filled registration form, and paying the first payment, you will receive a confirmation email and we will admit you to the programme.
A few days before the training begins, you’ll be granted access to our Student Portal, where you’ll find the materials and the programme for the first training day. The lessons will continue to be available for you and will open automatically as we progress on the training.

We’ll then meet on the 1st training day. How exciting!

Where and When?

The next programme we’re opening is a face-to-face course, in The Hague on Saturdays from 10:00 to 17:00 CET
(5 training days in total).

Course dates for Phase 1 Module A (Foundation – Introduction):

26 Oct. 2024
09 Nov. 2024
23 Nov. 2024
07 Dec. 2024
14 Dec. 2024

Phase 1 Module B (Foundation – Practicum) will start for you on Thursday, January 9th, 2025, from 18:30 to 21:30 (and takes place once a month on a Thursday. You need to join 5 of them to your choice).

Phase 2 (The Professional Coach Practitioner): will take place on Saturdays from 10:00 to 17:00 CET (10 training days in total), and you can join them in The Hague or Online.

05 Apr. 2025
03 May 2025
07 Jun. 2025
06 Sep 2025
04 Oct. 2025
08 Nov. 2025
06 Dec. 2025
10 Jan. 2026
07 Feb. 2026
07 Mar. 2026

Our programme combines practical learning during the training days, peer group training, supported practicum, working with real clients for 150 hours, full support from the trainers, and working with coaches and supervisors

We have put this rich and inspiring programme together to give you the most effective path to becoming a confident coach, working successfully for years to come.

What is the price of this programme and how do you join it?

The price for joining the full programme during the early registration period (until 26-09-24) is €6,995
(instead of €7,990)

Installment schemes of up to 20 installments are available and appear on our website.

Refund guarantee:

If you are starting the full programme and after Phase 1 you decide not to carry on to Phase 2, we’ll only charge you the €2,495 for Phase 1. Even if you have already paid more at that point, we’ll arrange a refund.

This is what our students say about us:

Frequantly asked questions

  • Anyone who’s willing to gain the skills needed to use as a skilled helper, and possibly wish to become a professional coach.
  • The students on the course tend to come from countries from all over the world and from different backgrounds, which makes this course ever so interesting.
  • We had students who wanted to change careers and others who wanted to add coaching skills to an existing one.
  • We had people as young as in their early 20s to people who are 70+
  • Anyone who is able to grasp the theory and participate in the practical group discussions/exercises and who is interested in learning can join.
No, there’s no need for previous studies. The course is built on existing talent and knowledge. Your life experience is a wonderful thing to start building on, combined with whatever education you have received. Experience in previous studies will help you in studying the materials and getting organised.
The average student reports dedicating 3-5 hours per week to their study (outside of the training days) for Phase I, and 5-8 hours per week for Phase 2 (outside of training days, but including seeing clients). This is of course very personal, but please make sure that you have this time available. It can be useful to already start with the literature required even before you start the course.

There are many good reasons: 

  • Our course is tailor-made for internationals.
  • Our course focuses on practice, and a lot of it. You work with people (other students) right from the first training day and gradually move on to work by yourself once you’re confident to do so. This is done with our guidance. We combine the theory with practical work;
  • We invest in our students and provide a positive and supportive environment for your growth. We have a high ratio of trainers to students (typically 3 members of staff for every group of around 18 students) so you get a lot of ongoing support;
  • Our course has a person-centred, humanistic framework and orientation that includes freedom and responsibility;
  • Our course offers much attention to personal safety and boundaries, as well as to intellectual stimulation and challenge.
  • The skills and insights one can gain in this course, can be immediately useful in daily work/ life and provide a solid basis for further professional development;
  • Our programmes are registered and have been approved by the Dutch CRKBO, a professional body that accredits courses that teach a profession.
    Our trainers are also registered and audited by the CRKBO and all have years of experience both as practitioners and in training adults in various training or academic settings. 
Technically, at any time because you don’t even need training to call yourself a coach in The NL. But you chose to train and to gain the needed professional skills, and aspire to become an accredited coach, and we congratulate you on this decision. By doing so you already demonstrate your understanding that working ethically and professionally is an important part of being a professional helper (such as a coach) and that you’re ready to place yourself on a high standard level as a professional. Well done! In the course we recommend completing Phase 1 Module A before you start seeing real clients. During that phase you study and practice the most important coaching skills, you learn about the working boundaries, and you gain experience with coaching methods and tools so you’ll be ready and sure of yourself when you see real clients. Once you have entered Phase 1 Part 1 (Practicum), we encourage you to start seeing real clients, (and even charge for the help you provide when you feel ready). In fact, because you have to coach for 50 sessions during the practicum of Phase 1,  and 100 sessions more during the practicum of Phase 2, it’s good to start early so we can be there to support you and guide you as much as possible. Our advice is to start with coaching work that concerns clients with relatively simple issues. Don’t worry, we’ll guide you on how to approach such clients – this is part of what we teach.
That’s not a problem! It can happen, and that’s normal. If this happens, and as long as you have not yet started Phase 2, you’ll only be charged for the Phase 1 part of the training. Even if in your choice of payments you have paid more than the price for Phase 1 alone, we’ll reimburse whatever you have paid above the Phase 1 price.
That’s also not a problem. You can enroll just for Phase 1. Then you’ll pay only €2,495. Just remember that if you later join Phase 2 as well, you’ll pay the full price of €5,495 for it and won’t get the discounts (up to €995 less).

Nice to meet you, I’m Noa Brume, an experienced life-coach and trainer, and the founder of The ICCI.

I didn’t know it then, but my story with coaching started in 2004 when I lost my son.

We were a young couple, living in London, but we were both not originally from England.

And we were very much alone.
And I did everything I could not to be so alone.

Rolling years forward, I realised that this is what I’m doing:
I’m helping expats and other international people to know how to help people deal with challenges and struggles while living abroad or working in multicultural places, so they do not feel alone.

That’s where my passion is: bridging those gaps and learning to be ourselves while respecting others.

I love people. I enjoy seeing them develop and dare to move their lives forward.

I believe that everyone has a story to tell that can inspire others.

Seeing people working together, supporting each other and using their abilities and achieve new things, is what inspires me.

This is what drove me to establish The ICCI: after years of teaching in universities, being a head of department in Oxford University and teaching coaching and counselling in a Dutch academy, I wanted to create programmes that will help people find their path through what really matters to them.

Having lived in 4 countries and being an expat for over half of my life, I understand what it is like to find a place to study where you can feel respected for who you are, a place where who you are, with everything you bring from your culture and life experience is something to celebrate.

Over the years of being in education (and that’s from 1993) I saw time and time again that it’s when people feel supported that they thrive and achieve beyond what they thought is possible/
I have made it my life goal, to see that place in every one of my students’ that place where they can do more, and support them as much as I can to achieve their full potential.

I aim to give my students the best quality coaching training that we, at The ICCI, can provide, and to adhere to high standards both in my training programmes and the expectations I have from myself and my students.

I have realised over the years that these things are what brings true results to the people who choose to train with us.

What is The ICCI? And what do we believe in?

The International Coaching & Counselling Institute (The ICCI), is an English-speaking training centre, serving the diverse and exciting growing international community in The Netherlands.

We specialise in training internationals to become coaches who can work both in The Netherlands and anywhere else in the world; answering to the unique needs of international and multicultural communities.
We train people from all over the world to help other people who either do not live in their home country (with all the challenges that this brings) or who are working in multicultural environments where they want to feel good and find how to be their best selves in a place that is so diverse.

We help individuals turn their desire to assist others into a fulfilling and exciting profession.

We believe that everyone has the right to develop and grow and that people have more chances to overcome challenges when supported by one another.

Our courses are in English and are offered in The Hague and online, both to individuals and organisations.

What is the price of this programme and how do you join it?

The price for joining the full programme during the early registration period (until 26-09-24) is €6,995
(instead of €7,990)

Installment schemes of up to 20 installments are available and appear on our website.

If you have decided this training is for you, fill in your details in the form below. After pressing ‘send’, you’ll be directed to a ‘Thank you’ page, where you’ll be able to choose a time slot suitable for you to have an intake session with Noa Brume

Leave us your details even if you are not yet sure, and wish for one of our trainers to contact you in a few days.

It will be a rewarding, empowering, fun, and enriching journey together!

See you on the next training,

The ICCI’s team

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