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Become a professional coach and improve your life and career
with our face-to-face OR online courses

Utilise your ability to be there for others more effectively, and get satisfaction from helping people.

Become a confident professional coach: know how to work safely and competently, and enjoy self-fulfilment by helping improve peoples’ lives.

In The ICCI’s online course you:

Join the ICCI on this life-changing journey of development and growth 

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How do the ICCI international coaching courses work?

With every lesson and every practical exercise, you’ll feel more and more comfortable to listen, show empathy and support people. We’ll be there for you on your journey to become a self-assured coach who can really get daily satisfaction from helping people.

You’ll experience the delightful feeling of discovering new skills and abilities. You’ll be able to connect and have a positive impact on others.

The friendly and non-judgemental environment created in our courses, will allow you to be at ease, to slowly open up, at your own pace, and enjoy the continuous support from our trainers and from your peer students.

By meeting people from all over the world online and training in small groups of internationals just like yourself, you’ll enjoy the unique diversity of people who come from all over the world: We celebrate wonderful similarities and differences between us and enjoy learning from each other.

This part-time course is taking place on weekends or evenings, so you can easily combine it with any current job and around family


Whether you are sure that coaching is your next career step,
or you are just enthusiastic about learning new skills and practicalities of supporting other people, the ICCI has the programme for you!

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Our courses are built in 2 phases, so you can learn at the right pace for you:

Phase 1: Becoming a Skilful Helper –

This phase is for everyone wishing to learn beneficial skills and tools in order to effectively help others to deal with their life challenges. At the end of Phase 1 you’ll have a solid knowledge of theory and practice on how to help people achieve more and help themselves. It will allow you to be an effective helper in all sorts of aspects in your life: At work, at home and with people you come in contact with

Phase 2: The Professional Coach -

This phase is for people who wish to step up their career development and become professional coaches. In this phase you’ll start helping real clients, learn how to work safely and with clear boundaries. You can start earning money even when still on the course and we’ll even help you with the first steps of building your business or getting a job.

Help others overcome their challenges, support and empower them.
Be able to open your own practice or apply the new skills in your work environment and other settings.

Find all the “know-how" of the profession thanks to synchronised / interactive online training in a small group of internationals like you

Get results with your clients: Build trusting relationships with them while keeping healthy boundaries

Learn skills which can be used in all aspects of life . Know how to work safely and in a well organised way

Become confident in working with diverse views, values and norms, and with people from different cultures

Grow to be an independent coach: build a strong framework for your professional practice

Experience personal growth : Develop your communication skills, confidence, personal integrity and authenticity

To learn more about the ICCI courses, leave your details here,
and one of our trainers will get back to you:

Alternatively, you can email us at or call 0650499646


Who is this course for?

Our Phase 1: Becoming a Skilful Helper course is for you if:

  • You are a “people person” who wants to gain skills of how to help other people better deal with  their challenges in life
  • You enjoy what we call a “hands on” style of training, where we enjoy learning by practising and by “doing” alongside theory
  • You wish to experience personal and professional growth
  • You want to add coaching and communicating tools to a current job (managers, educators, volunteers etc.)
  • You want to add coaching and communication tools to use in your life (as a parent, a partner etc.)
  • You value diversity and multiculturalism, and you appreciate a supportive and non-judgmental environment
  • You want to check if coaching people professionally is indeed the right path for you

Our Phase 2: The Professional Coach course is for you if:

On top of what was explained

  • You wish to become a professional coach (working for yourself or finding a job in other organisations)
  • You see your see their destiny in helping people to get over difficulties and thrive
  • You are seeking for a profession which can be used “on the move” when you relocate or move back home
  • You wish to add professional coaching to an existing career
  • You understand the importance studying for such a meaningful profession in a profound long-term training
  • You wish that alongside learning the theory there will be ample of practice in class and practical work with real clients while still being supported by the course.
  • You value receiving a diploma which will not only reassure it for yourself and your clients that you’ve studied enough and practiced enough to be calling yourself a professional coach, but it can also open more doors.

Whether you are sure that coaching is your next career step, or you are just enthusiastic about learning new skills and practicalities of supporting other people, the ICCI has the answer for you!


We offer both Online (synchronised) courses for people from all over the world, as well as face-to-face courses in The Hague (NL).

Anyone who’s willing to gain the skills needed to use as a skilled helper, and possibly wish to become professional coach.
Anyone who is able to grasp the literature and participate in group discussions/exercises and who is interested in learning.
The students on the course tend to come from countries from all over the world and from different backgrounds, which makes this course ever so interesting.

No, no need for previous studies.
The course is built on existing talent and knowledge. Your life experience is a wonderful thing to start building on, combined with whatever education you have received.
Experience of previous studies will help you in studying the materials and getting organised.

As a main method, we’re focusing on the Person-Centred approach which is part of the humanistic approach. This approach strongly emphasises the believe that the client knows what is good for them, and our job as coaches is to empower them to discover their potential and act upon it.
We find this as the most effective way to help people.
To that we’re adding a large variety of tools and exercises from different working methods, so our students become all-rounded coaches who have the knowledge and skills to work with a diversity of clients.
This allows more choice, lets you become a more eclectic coach.

This course is a “hands on” course. It’s a very practical course.
This means that we mostly learn by doing and experiencing listening skills and coaching tools in order to become professional ourselves.
The theory, the exercises, the books and other study materials are very important as they support your knowledge and you can check if you can get a good understanding of it, but they’re to accompany your practical studies.
The good thing is of course that you can start learning by reading the theoretical books before you start.
If for whatever reason you’re really unable to read the theoretical books, gaining the theoretical knowledge can be done in other ways which we can advise you on if this is an issue (audio books or learning with peers for example are good ways).
At the end of the day, coaching is not about chanting theory, but about doing and being present for someone else.
This is not something you learn from books!


Who are we? 

Welcome to the ICCI, the International Coaching & Counselling Institute: An English-speaking training centre, established by and for internationals and serving the diverse and exciting growing international community in The Netherlands, as well as passionate people from all over the world who are joining us via our online courses.

We believe that with the right training, everyone can become a skilful helper and aid someone else, no matter what your background or life experience is: One can always be there for another.
We believe that everyone has the right to develop and grow, and that people have more chance to overcome challenges when being supported by one another.

The ICCI specialises in training internationals to become coaches who can work both in The Netherlands and abroad; answering to the unique needs of the international community here as well as preparing them to work elsewhere in case they move on.

Our trainers on the courses were carefully chosen for their professionalism and ability to foster the development of the new generation of coaches.
They are all internationals who share many years of experience not only as coaches, but also in training coaching courses for the international community.
They’ve all received excellent feedback from students over the years and we’re confident that they’ll be leading you too to know how to assist others and draw pleasure from one of the most rewarding occupations we know.

The ICCI International Coaching Diploma course is a profound course compatible with coaching courses of a high standard. It is based on the Person-Centred approach to helping people.

We wish our students to become self-assured coaches who are able to assist clients and help clients in the community to get the results they want, creating positive impact on their lives and the lives of others.

Students who took courses with us in the past tell their stories:

If you wish to discuss which one of the ICCI courses is most suitable for you, leave us your details, and we’ll be in touch:

Alternatively, you can email us at or call 0650499646

We're looking forward to helping you achieve the new step in your life.

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