Are you ready to become a coach?

Stop wondering and simply


Yes, send me the questionnaire

    You love listening to people
    Others come to you for advice
    and you feel that you have an inner call to help others

    But you wonder:

     Could I really be a coach?

    To answer your question, we created a special, thorough questionnaire to help you understand whether you are ready to study coaching.

    It takes a few minutes to fill in and will put your mind at ease.

    Why are we doing this?

    Here at The ICCI, (the International Coaching & Counselling Institute), we believe in the ability of people to become skilled helpers and learn how to help others effectively and professionally.

    We train enthusiastic people with a strong call to help others, to gain coaching skills, or become professional coaches.

    But we know from experience that some people doubt if they even fit the challenge.
    This is exactly why we created this profound questionnaire.

    If you want to check if learning coaching skills and possibly becoming a confident professional coach who leads others to success, can be the next step in your life or career, we invite you to dedicate a few minutes to check if you have the right personality and skills for it.

    The questionnaire covers all the main aspects of coaching:

    • Personality
    • Communication skills
    • Professional orientation

    Once completed, you’ll receive an answer right away to your email.
    Taking it will give you strong enough evidence to help you make the decision if coaching as a set of skills, or as a profession, will be a good next step in your personal and professional development. 

    We’re here for any questions,

    The ICCI team

    Leave us your details and we’ll send the questionnaire to your mailbox right away.

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