ICCI’s Free Coaching Platform Terms & Conditions


for use of ICCI’s Free Coaching Platform


  1. About the ICCI

The International Coaching & Counselling Institute, registered at the Netherlands Chambers of Commerce (KvK) under number 60925043, is an English-speaking training center, established by and for internationals and serving the diverse and exciting growing international community in the Netherlands (shortly: the “ICCI”).

  1. About the Free Coaching Platform and these terms and conditions

ICCI’s website includes a section which was created as a platform for free coaching, to facilitate contact between, on the one side, coaches-in-training who are willing to offer coaching services for free (the “Offerers”) and, on the other side, seekers of coaching services who consider to receive coaching services from such Offerers (the: “Free Coaching Platform”). These terms and conditions apply to any use of the Free Coaching Platform by Offerers and by any visitors of the website, and Offers undertake additional obligations towards the ICCI as a precondition for their inclusion on the Free Coaching Platform.

  1. Purpose of the Free Coaching Platform

The Free Coaching Platform was set up to make coaching more widely available to the public, while helping current advanced students of the ICCI gain practical experience as coaches, as required from them as part of their advanced training in ICCI’s coaching diploma course. The Free Coaching Platform further serves as a meeting point between ICCI alumni and advanced students who are willing to receive coaching from current trainees to help them gain that practical experience.

  1. Accessibility

The Free Coaching Platform is open to the general public. Browsing is free of charge and does not require registration, but users must first accept ICCI’s Privacy Statement (which they are prompted to accept upon visiting ICCI’s website), and these General Terms and Conditions.

  1. Role of the ICCI as facilitator of the Free Coaching Platform



By creating and operating the Free Coaching Platform, publishing Offerers and their information on it, and making it accessible to the public, ICCI helps such parties become aware of each other, which may lead to contact between potentially interested users and Offerer(s) of their choice.

The Free Coaching Platform is not interactive, so when a user chooses to establish initial contact with any Offeror, he or she needs to do so directly, by using the displayed contact information of the respective Offerer.

ICCI’s own role is limited to that of a facilitator. ICCI is not a party to any ensuing agreement or relationship entered into between Offerers and users following use of the Free Coaching Platform. Accordingly, it is the responsibility of the respective Offerer and any user of the Platform seeking coaching to agree on all the conditions of the coaching service, without any further involvement of the ICCI.

  1. The Offerers

All Offerers are advanced students of the ICCI. As such, they have completed at least the foundation parts of ICCI’s diploma course, during which they have already received quality training (theoretical and practical) on their way to becoming professional coaches.

Offerers are not otherwise affiliated with the ICCI in any way, and the displaying of any Offerer on the Free Coaching Platform does not entail any explicit or implicit warranties by the ICCI as to the quality of eventual coaching by any Offerer.

  1. Offerers’ information accuracy

Each Offerer is featured on the Free Coaching Platform with any or all of the following information:  name, photo, professional profile, place and languages of service, eventual pricing (after the free sessions) and contact information (i.e. phone, email address, website) (in short: “Offerer’s Information”). Each Offerer is solely responsible for the completeness, correctness and accuracy of his or her own Offeror’s Information.

  1. The Offer: Free Coaching!

Any Offerer featured on the Free Coaching Platform is committed to offer to any user approaching him or her following use of the Free Coaching platform at least one hour of free coaching, free of any charge, and unconditioned on future paid services (the “Free Coaching”), and Offerers may decide to offer a higher number of hours for free. All other details regarding any eventual coaching, including the costs of additional coaching hours beyond the Free Coaching, are to be agreed upon directly between the Offeror and the user, acting independently without any further involvement of the ICCI.



  1. ICCI’s nonliability

ICCI does its best to operate the Free Coaching Platform for the benefit of all parties concerned. The use of the Free Coaching Platform, and the consideration or acceptance of any Offerer’s coaching services, are completely at users’ own risk.

For the removal of any doubt, it is hereby clarified that, given ICCI’s intermediary position and limited role as the facilitator and operator of the Free Coaching Platform as described in Clause 5 above, and in light of each Offerer’s exclusive responsibility for information accuracy as set out in Clause 7 above, under no circumstances shall the ICCI be held responsible or liable for any claims, damages, losses, expenses, costs or liabilities whatsoever, resulting or arising directly or indirectly from any use or inability to use the Free Coaching Platform, or any coaching services from any Offerer following such use. Specifically, and without limitation:

  1. Information accuracy:
    ICCI requires each Offerer to ensure that their respective Offerer Information is complete, correct, accurate and up to date. ICCI will never publish information which it knows or suspects to be incorrect or misleading, and will promptly act to correct any errors or remove wrong or misleading information, if and when it becomes aware of any. Nevertheless, the responsibility for the correctness and accuracy of any Offerer’s information remains exclusively with that respective Offerer, and ICCI shall not be liable for any claims in respect of information accuracy.
  2. Coaching services quality: While the ICCI vouches for the quality of the professional training Offerers received at the ICCI, as well as for their satisfactory progress in light of the ICCI course quality standards, ICCI does not vouch for any aspect of any Offerer’s actual performance as coach. ICCI is not responsible for the content nor the quality of actual coaching provided by any Offerer, and shall not be held liable for any claims pertaining to such services.


  1. Complaints

Given ICCI’s limited role as facilitator and operator of the platform, we would always want to hear from you if:

  1. you have a complaint or suggestion for improvement regarding the Free Coaching Platform itself;
  2. you believe any Offerer’s Information is incorrect or misleading;
  3. you have approached an Offerer and that Offerer failed to respect the promise to offer Free Coaching (as described above in Clause 8);

Complaints regarding the actual coaching, on the other hand, should be taken directly with the concerned Offerer.

Nevertheless, if you experience a persisting problem with any Offerer, which you have not managed to settle directly, we would like to know about that too, although ICCI is neither a party to that relationship nor does it make any promise to help in resolving such differences.


  1. Changes to the Free Coaching Platform

The ICCI may, at any point in time in the future, and without assuming any liability towards any user:

  1. change the name of the Free Coaching Platform;
  2. modify its layout;
  3. remove any Offerer;
  4. stop operating the Free Coaching Platform altogether.
  1. Governing law

These General Conditions are governed by Dutch law.

  1. Amendments to these Terms and Conditions

The ICCI may, at any time, amend this General Terms and Conditions and any amended version will apply from the moment of its publication on the Free Coaching Platform.

  1. Contact

For any questions or complaints regarding the Free Coaching Platform, ICCI can be contacted in the following ways:

Email:          info@theicci.com

Phone: +31(0)650499646

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