Embracing the Journey of Coaching: What to Expect

Embarking on the path of learning coaching is an exciting adventure that promises self-discovery, professional growth, and meaningful connections. Let us share personal stories that will give you examples of each aspect of this transformative journey:

When you begin your coaching journey, you may not realise how much you’ll learn about yourself along the way. Through introspective exercises and coaching sessions, you’ll uncover deep-seated beliefs that shape your actions and decisions. We remember a moment when a coaching exercise led one of our students to confront her fear of failure by realising that even id she fails, nothing much will happen, ultimately empowering her to take bold steps toward her goals.

Empathetic Communication:
As coaches, we have the privilege of witnessing the power of empathetic communication firsthand. One particularly moving experience was when a client opened up about their struggles with work-life balance. By listening without judgment and asking thoughtful questions, the coach we observed was able to create a safe space for them to explore their challenges and uncover solutions they hadn’t considered before.

Growth Mindset:
Throughout your coaching journey, you’ll encounter numerous obstacles and setbacks. That’s natural. A more productive approach is to think about how each setback serves as an opportunity for growth and learning. One of our students was facing terrible rejection after posting her services as a budding coach on a Facebook group of people from her home country. The reactions she received were terrible. She shared it a few days later during a training day. Instead of staying with it alone, she decided to share. The group helped her not to dwell on the rejection, but to view it as valuable feedback to understand that:
1. In her country of origin, people simply still don’t understand what coaching is, hence the criticism (many people said that anyone can call themselves a coach. That might be true but they failed to understand how much she was studying, as one should). She saw it as an opportunity to write a few posts in the group that would explain what is coaching, to educate the audience if you want.
2. It was not personal against her (see point 1: she studied for 1.5 years by then).
3. She decided to first work with the international community in The Netherlands before going back to offer her coaching to people who do not understand what it is.
In other words, she realised that her future doesn’t stop just because some people don’t understand. She saw this as an opportunity to grow.

Transformative Impact:
One of the most rewarding aspects of coaching is seeing the positive impact it has on others. The moment in which a client achieves a breakthrough in their story after months of hard work and self-reflection is a magical one. Witnessing their transformation—from uncertainty to confidence— is truly inspiring and reinforces the belief in the power of coaching to effect change.

Accountability is essential in coaching, both for the coach and the client. It extends beyond setting and achieving goals—it’s about taking ownership of your actions and commitments. For one of our students, accountability became evident when she made a public commitment to prioritise self-care by eating healthier. Knowing that she had shared this goal with her peer group and with her coach, and she went the extra mile by posting it on social media, motivated her to stay consistent and prioritise her well-being, even on busy days.

Ultimately, the greatest reward of coaching is the sense of fulfillment that comes from helping others succeed. Whether it’s supporting a client through a career transition or witnessing a team overcome challenges and achieve their goals, the feeling of making a difference is unparalleled. These moments of fulfillment fuel our passion for coaching and inspire us to continue growing and learning in this field.

In summary, the journey of learning coaching is a deeply personal and transformative experience. Through self-discovery, empathetic communication, a growth mindset, transformative impact, accountability, and fulfillment, you’ll uncover new insights, forge meaningful connections, and make a lasting impact on the lives of others. Embrace each aspect of this journey with an open heart and mind, and prepare to be amazed by the profound transformations that unfold—not only within yourself but also in the lives of those you coach.

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