Victoria Eboh

Warm greetings to you there!

My name is Victoria Eboh and I am a minister of the gospel, a marriage and youth counselor, a motivational speaker and a coach in training at the International Coaching and Counselling Institute (The ICCI) in Den Haag Netherlands.

Growing up as a child, I felt unloved, I felt different from others and felt I was treated differently too. I strived harder than others to be loved and to get the attention of my parents but no matter how hard I tried, I still felt like the black sheep. These feelings as a young child pushed me further to be become rebellious in every way you can think of. My rebellious ways brought me more condemnation than the attention I craved for from my parents.

In my quest and determination to prove to my parents that I am not what they say I am, I successfully graduated from university with a Bachelor of Arts (BA) in Theatre arts and a Diploma in Mass Communication.

On arriving to The Netherlands, in my search for self-realization and inner peace, I embarked on several theological courses and was officially ordained a pastor and minister of the gospel in the year 2017.

I am now in my second and final year at The ICCI to become a coach.

Guess what… I proved my parents wrong ….. I am not the black sheep!


My experience growing up as a child motivated me to work with young adults. I also developed the passion to help give a voice of expression to every child that feels misunderstood by family, society or even the world at large.

For over 10 years I have been teaching, ministering, counselling and camping with teenagers, youths and also children with special needs. This experience together with my childhood experience has made me come to a personal realization that there is no such thing as a difficult child but we only have children that are crying for love and attention and this has further ignited my passion to give a helping hand to them.

My greatest discovery while working with teenagers and youths was that 70% of my clients were from broken /divorced homes, single parents and unstable/troubled homes. This automatically navigated my path to working with parents as well and focusing mostly on their relationships and marriages in order to help me get a better result with their children. This has proven to be a tremendous success!

My sound message to my clients from my experience is:

  1. Every defeat in life does not mean you are defeated.
  2. Every failure does not make you a failure.
  3. Life is meant to be enjoyed not endured.
  4. Every troubled relationship must not end up in divorce or separation.
  5. No child deserves to be written off.
  6. Why give up when you have not exhausted all options….Yes there are more options.

The Person-Centered approach which I use in practice will enable me to help you use the stones that life has thrown at you to build an empire.

It is my greatest desire as a coach in training to help you get the vehicle of your life and family running again!

I look forward to hearing from you.


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