Odelia Marvan

Hello, my name is Odelia, nice to meet you here and thank you for reading my coaching profile.

I am a coach (in training), and an NLP Practitioner.

I’m passionate about helping you feel empowered as you transition into your next big “now what”.
In 2010 I was diagnosed with breast cancer, a gift and pivotal moment in my life which I treasure!
This profound, challenging time helped me start my journey of healing, self-discovery and reflection.
From this I learned to be true to myself, grow through adversity, become resilient, appreciate life and explore new possibilities with no fear.

My coaching approach is person centered. Central to my purpose is supporting the ‘whole’ of you. I create a genuine, trust based, confidential environment asking non-judgmental questions which support you to have an open conversation with me. I believe in personal growth and transformational change by understanding your core values, stepping back to look at what matters to you and aligning mind, body and soul thru an integrative approach. I strongly believe in the power of a person to achieve their full potential. I help people grow from crisis to fulfilment and creating the change they want. I support men and women going through traumatic experience and help them see the light when going though those dark periods in their lives. I customize each coaching relationship to ensure that we meet your individual needs, goals and personality.

Cancer Coaching – Because I have been there, I can help you reconnect and recreate your identity, and learning to walk in your new body, accepting your scars. Learn to love yourself in your new you and forgive your body. My aim is to empower the new you to connect to your inner womanhood, building resilience.
Neuro-Linguistics-Programming (NLP) – We will explore and discover limiting beliefs, negative patterns of behaviours and habits and together we create insightful, tailor- made solutions that are right for you. Helping you create clarity and self-achievable goals. Further, I will help you with conflict management, self-confidence, dialogue and giving feedback. Create positive motivation tapping into your internal resources to achieve a better version of you.

This will be a Journey of Change to move you towards achieving your goals.
Stress and Anxiety – Understanding triggers and patterns that cause you stress and anxiety. Understand that every behaviour has a positive intent in some context. Explore what is the anxiety protecting you from? What are you really worrying about when stress is surfacing? Help you with Work-life balance, making choices, ability to say ‘no’ and setting boundaries.
Negative voice – Identify the ‘lies’ your negative voice and internal saboteurs feed you and find empowering truths helping you create the life you want, your purpose, and next steps.

My coaching experience is within multi-cultural and international environment.

Sessions can be conducted in English or Hebrew

Place of services:

Online via Zoom, or Skype or MS Teams
Language(s) of service:
English or Hebrew
Phone number:
Email address:


N/A yet
Eventual pricing:
€90 per session. Each session is 75 minutes
Number of free sessions offered for each client:

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