Natalia Kavourinou

Hello there, Thank you for visiting my coaching profile.

My name is Natalia Kavourinou and I am a psychologist and an organisational culture consultant.
I am also a coach in training.

As a child, I always felt very grateful to have a loving family and close friends. I felt safe. I also remember being sensitive to what other people are feeling, and always being drawn to those who were sitting on their own, because I didn’t want them to feel alone.
I wanted to understand people and try to help them feel better. Eventually, I chose to study Psychology. I finished my Master’s in 2012 and I am now finishing the 2nd year of The ICCI coaching program, in the Hague.

Before we move on, I want to tell you something that changed my worldview the moment I realised what it means. The chances of any one of us being born are around 1 in 10 to the power of 2,685,000. That’s a 10 with 2,685,000 zeros after it. So, a big number! What this told me is that the chances of any one of us being born are actually, well… zero. Yet, here we are! For this reason, I value life like nothing else, and would like for everyone to feel that theirs is a meaningful one. When I share this with people, some feel awe and others overwhelm. I hope you felt the first, as this was my intention.

I know that it’s not always easy to live a life that feels meaningful. And I know that you’re doing the best that you can. Loneliness, fear, regret, guilt, shame, anxiety, doubt… All of this is part of life, and sometimes it feels exhausting.
However, I know that you have more resources than you think. I would love to help you make it more manageable. I have worked with people overcoming major life challenges, like addiction; children undergoing cancer therapy, and their parents; children with learning difficulties.

In my studies, I learned about what drives our behaviour. In my current job, I try to uncover the psychological mechanisms behind common behaviours seen in organisations. I have learned a few things from these experiences: No matter our personal circumstances, our environment, our background, or religion, we all look for connection and meaning. We want to feel loved and we strive to live a life that’s fulfilling. Change is always possible. And it is possible, by us. We are stronger than we give ourselves credit for. We all have our demons to fight. And that’s a good thing! It means that there are certain things worth fighting for!

As part of my coaching program, I now need to gather at least 100 hours of coaching. This will help me keep practicing the skills that I have learned so far, at The ICCI. I follow the humanistic approach of psychology. I do not assume that I know best, rather, I respect and trust your unique experience. The reason I chose to become a coach is because I want to help people unlock the huge capacity they already have, to live a life that they love.

We all deserve to write our own story, the way we want it to be told; it is our life, after all. I look forward to hearing from you.

Cheers, Natalia

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