Myles Stiffler

Have you heard the story of the person who thought they only had one leg?

What’s my story?
My name is Myles Stiffler and I am Coach in training, Public Policy Consultant, Refugee volunteer, and believer that even though the world can be pretty rough sometimes we can get through it together.

I have degrees in Communications and Media Studies, History, Public Finance and International Relations. I have worked and lived across the globe from New York to Budapest, Beijing to Brussels working in a broad range of fields including public policy, finance, research, communications, marketing and public relations, and still works as a consultant with numerous EU level projects. While my experiences have been diverse and taken me to many places, my main goal and purpose has always been to help those around me to achieve their highest potential, bridge intercultural gaps, advocate understanding across groups and try to build a more open and prosperous society. In order to further this goal, I have completed my first year at the International Coaching and Counselling Institute to further hone these skills and abilities.

What do I believe?
Too often we as human beings are attached to preconceived notions of how things are or should be. Often times we cling to these notions as if we are stranded in the ocean looking out over a wide abyss holding onto a life raft with nothing else to save us, when in reality if we only turned around, we would realize, if we decided to let go and swim that land is not far away.

It is my belief that we can all discover our true core and authentic nature and that finding this true self is the basis for strong personal growth that leads to success and overall happiness, but to do this we must all take a leap. It is also my belief that every person not only brings their problem or difficulties with them, but also brings the ability to overcome them and the capacity to gain new and deeper insights into themselves.

How can we grow together?
Therefore, my approach is based on a person-centred belief to help my clients reach their essence and deepen their self-awareness through being a mirror for my clients to explore their own most inner thoughts. By being non-judgemental, listening carefully and being systematic in my approach, I endeavour to help you gain deeper insights into yourself.

To gain deeper insights into one’s mind and know that you have power over your own mind and your own mind alone and not outside events, we can find strength and potentially look at life with a new perspective and see the vast array of options and potentials that await us and walk with direction on both legs.

If in this lifetime
You do not open your mind
You cannot digest
Even one drop of water
(Zen Proverb)

I work with clients online and in person in English.
I invite you to contact me and let’s talk about whatever it is that you would like to explore deeper.

Myles Stiffler

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