Irit Shitrit

Welcome, my name is Irit Shitrit, thank you for reading my coaching profile.

I’m a coach in training at The ICCI (the International Coaching & Counselling Institute) practising the person-centered approach. Recognizing and trusting human potential, providing empathy and unconditional positive regard to help facilitate change. I offer my support, guidance, and structure to others towards their personalized solution.

The thing that guides me in life, my lighthouse, is that everything happens for a reason, even if sometimes the reasons are not clear to us. This is exactly why I’m here. To clarify those answers with you. Help you reach your goals and enhance your life choices by taking the time to understand your decisions, gaining the insight you need in order of pushing through the obstacles.

My background is practical engineering in the high-tech world. Before moving to the Netherlands, I worked for an international company for almost a decade, performing in a very high pace and dynamic environment with vast responsibilities.

Two years ago, on behalf of my husband’s work, we moved to the Netherlands. After the move, I was lost. I’ve found myself outside my natural and familiar environment, outside my comfort zone, without family, friends, and in the midst of the corona pandemic. After a while, I realized I have the opportunity to fulfill myself and my dream of becoming a life coach. This was my clarity moment.
Now it’s time for me to share my passion and love with others, help find that meaning, clarity, balance, and a space for personal growth and development. If you feel a connection to what you just read, I will be happy to help you discover the strengths that exist within you.

You cannot go back and change the beginnings, but you can start from where you are now and change the endings.

Looking forward to meeting you,

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Online (Zoom, Skype, Teams)
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Hebrew, English
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€50 per session (60 minutes)
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