Irène Aupetit

Hello, my name is Irène and after studying in the US, UK and my native France I have been living in The Netherlands
for 20 years. 

I am married to a British husband, and I am a mother of 2 adorable, strong-minded and sensitive boys, raised in a
trilingual environment. 
After more than 20 years working in the legal department of a large multicultural and multidisciplinary organisation,
I am diversifying my career path and training to be a coach at the ICCI (Den Haag). 

I like to transmit knowledge but I also know that the knowledge we have inside ourselves can be the hardest to reach.
Talking to professional helpers has been a great way to open the door for me and I am now here to help you open
You may find it difficult to find your own direction and feel self-acceptance. I am here to help you discover the
journey you want to explore. Asking yourself questions is healthy and can show you what you want. Together we will
explore your story, invent and discover potential routes so you can choose the one you want to follow today and
make your own plan for tomorrow, a step at a time. 

If accountability helps you, I can help with that too. I will be your attentive ear, your sounding board, the place you
can be totally yourself, in peace and confidence, so you feel free to let your inner light come out and shine. 

Coaching is not here to impose a ready-made solution on you. It is not about fixing. It is about opening a door.
Coaching is a means to find your solution in a friendly, relaxed, and open atmosphere. It can break your inner walls so
you can develop trust in your OWN inner voice and build the life you want to create for yourself.

Remember that everything we will discuss together is confidential and any personal data you share are protected
under the GDPR.

Place of services:

Online or in Oesgtgeest
Language(s) of service:
English and French
Phone number:
Email address:


Eventual pricing:
€50 or €200 for 5 sessions or barter agreement
Number of free sessions offered for each client:

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