Gillian McDonnell

My name is Gillian McDonnell.

I moved to the Netherlands back in 1999. My initial move to Holland was taken as a chance to broaden my horizons
and experience a different culture, an idea and a passion which I have continued to pursue throughout my
life. I am now married with two young boys and I am truly enjoying my time in Netherlands.

After qualifying as a Coach/Counsellor I am now keen to pass on my love of people and culture to others. During
my working life, I held numerous office-based positions, choosing roles initially to simply ‘make a living.’
Like many others when young, my focus was on life outside of work but as time wore on, I felt a yearning
to find something more meaningful in her career.

But what to choose?

My interest in human behaviour and how the mind works led me to study Psychology in my spare time, which I found very rewarding.

Also, after working closely with a mentor in one of my most recent positions, I was able to determine the
common thread that repeated through my career. The connecting tissue between all of the working roles I
had enjoyed, from Legal Assistant to Customer Service and more besides, had been a desire to help and
support people, in one way or another. It was this realization that spurred me on to want to develop
myself as a coach and mentor for other people who are experiencing similar confusion and struggling to
find meaning and value in their professional lives.

I see a light in everyone and I firmly believe that, with the help of a dedicated coach, taking the time to connect with and understand your inner self can be an important first step. Understanding not only the decisions you have made in the past, but the reasons for why you chose to act in a certain way, can help a person gain insight into what truly drives them.

Once that passion and drive is understood, then you can begin to harness it and work towards the career and satisfaction you’ve always craved.

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