Elham Siasati

My name is Elham, a single mother to four beautiful children.
I am originally from Iran, I have grown up in England and currently living in the Netherlands.

I am an ICCI coach in training and I am here to help you find your better self.
If you are looking to improve yourself, your life, achieve your goals or you are just stuck and don’t know what to do then maybe I can help you.

As Rumi (an Iranian poet) beautifully says: “What You Seek Is Seeking You”, but sometimes we need help to find that something, and that’s where a coach comes in.

I myself have been through a lot in my lifetime. As you have seen above I have immigrated twice in my life and each time I had different things to deal with. The first time I was a teenager at the point of discovering myself and I was forced to put all that aside and learn a new language in a new country that was so different from my own and I had to leave all my friends and loved ones behind.
The second time I was 21, just lost my dad to cancer after five years of fighting to survive, just graduated and had to leave all my family and move to a new country with yet another new language all in the name of love.

The 20 years of living in the Netherlands married to a medical student with in-laws which dispirited me and having to raise four children after each other almost on my own as their father was almost at work all the time I learned to be independent and became a fighter. Now divorced with no support or family to help me and the corona and a teenage boy with ADHD and serious behavior problems I am dealing with new challenges in my life.

Through all these struggling I have learned to become a compassionate, carrying helper that listens without judgment and tries to understand what the other is trying to say and help them find the best way to solve their problems.
My therapist and coach as well as many books I have read about self-discovery help me to get to the point of pursuing my dreams of becoming a coach.

At The ICCI I learned to become a person-centered coach which allows me to help people use their own initiative to discover ways of changing and achieving.

To this day I have helped many clients with different ranges of personal problems to get to the point of changing and achieving which has made all my hard work worthwhile.

If you are at a cross point in your life and you have lost the motivation or you just need to find the path to a better life and better you then get in contact with me.

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