Dolly Wanjiku

My name is Dolly Wanjiku. Most people call me ‘Ms Dolly’.

I am a life coach specializing in empowerment and self-belief.

My personal journey and experience like migrating to a different country and starting my family life have taught me that one of the primary reasons we do not progress is fear. Learning to overcome fear by taking small steps is life-changing. I support my clients in identifying and overcoming their concerns to achieve their goals. I attain this by guiding them through the various types of fear in scenarios.

When you understand the fear holding you back, you will be better able to confront it and progress toward your goals. While fear is part of the Human experience, fear protects us, and keeps us alert and safe. Fear is a survival mechanism. However, having fear control our daily lives could lead us to make irrational choices filled with excuses on why we shouldn’t move forward.

How do I help my clients?
I guide my clients to take courageous actions toward their desired goals. This gradually breaks down the barriers of fear. I help my clients find fresh perspectives, understandings, and knowledge as they continue their journey while strengthening their confidence along the way. You have to locate the target to hit it! Taking bold action and being willing to step into uncertainty is typically the quickest and surest approach to overcoming your worries.

Based in The Netherlands, I coach online and in person utilizing the person-centered approach, which means that my clients are at the core of the service I deliver. I encourage my clients to take charge of their mental health. We collaborate as a team, and I employ empathetic understanding, unconditional positive regard, and the congruence technique.

The client obtains benefits from utilizing this technique such as enhanced self-awareness, trusting oneself, healthier communication skills, improved ability to express one’s thoughts and feelings, and striving for positive changes that improve one’s life.

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Netherlands + Online
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English, Kiswahili
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