Ada Agata Hlebowicz

Hello and warm welcome!
My name is Ada Hlebowicz, I am a life-coach in training, engineer, sustainability, and well-being enthusiast.

If someone would ask you: what is the life you desire? Would you answer with a smile on your face, because you believe you can have it… Or would you rather get sad, because there is nothing that can change your current situation?

The good news is, that it is actually up to you which scenario will become true.
I am a firm believer that everyone is able to achieve change and their personal goals.

A skilled life-coach can help you do that. I feel great satisfaction in helping others hence I am very eager to help you and take on this journey with you.
My goal is to help people discover the unseen benefit of every situation and empower them, so they also have faith that they are in charge of their lives.

Contact me if you are curious how I can help you and what roads can we take to bring you to your destination.


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