Clear signs that will help you know if you are suitable to be a coach

1. Listening to others is something you enjoy – When you are curious, when you manage to help people share what’s on their mind, and when you are giving people your full attention you feel good.

2. Helping others makes you happy – You are happy to give of your time and energy to other people. You easily recognise when people need assistance, and you’re happy to offer it without necessarily asking for a favour in return. You enjoy the simple fact that someone else is feeling better now, or that their problem is now solved.

3. You see the greatness in people – Even when people around you have stopped believing in themselves and might be in a low place, you can raise above it and see things in them which they might not see. You are able to share this with them in a kind way, and able to lift them up with empowering and supporting words.

4. People and their behaviour fascinate you – You are curious to learn more about them and you enjoy spending time and listening to their stories. You find people’s history interesting, you enjoy the differences between people and are open and happy to learn from others and to share of your own knowledge and experience.

5. You believe in people and their ability to change – You know deep within you that the playing cards we were given at the beginning of our lives, are not a definite situation. You believe that if we carry on playing, we can change our situation. You trust people’s capability to move on with their lives and to create a new reality for themselves.

6. You see empathy and care for other people as a strength – While showing compassion and being sensitive can be seen as weakness to some people, you understand the great power these skills have: You understand that when people feel cared for, and feel encouraged, that’s when they’ll feel supported and empowered to take action.

7. Seeing another person succeed thanks to your help, makes you satisfied – Empowering another person and seeing them accomplishing their wishes and dreams is something which satisfies you. You know that if you’ve helped someone to take the best out of them and glow, does not take away from your own star to shine.

8. You appreciate the fact that we’re each unique in our own way – You appreciate the idea that there’s a place for everyone on this planet, that we’re all equal and that everyone has the right to change, develop and grow, no matter what is their background or what life-history they hold.

9. Sharing your insights comes naturally to you – When people share their problems with you, you start to think about new ideas for them. You can help them see things from another angle. You see what else is possible for them, and you’re happy to share your insights in order for them to develop and grow.

10. You enjoy seeing people moving on – You can easily recognise where someone might be stuck, and you’re happy to help them identify what they really want or what might be a better solution for them. You are able to see where they are blocked and you can offer a new view so they can make the change. You do it in a way that is empowering them.

11. You are able to be positive when others have lost hope – No matter how bad things are, you have the ability to accept that this is just what it is now, but your mind keeps searching for new ways and new solutions. Whether it is for yourself or for others, you tend not to give up.

12. You believe in “Yes We Can” – When challenges come, you are naturally trusting that a solution will be found, You know that you and others have the ability to find answers to problems, and you’re not afraid from a long process to get to a goal. You have faith in your ability and the abilities of others to get to results. You are not afraid to ask “What else is possible here?”


If 5 or more of these signs describe you and resonate with you, there is a good chance that you are suitable and ready to be a successful coach (or manager-coach, but on this we’ll write in a separate post).
Keep following us to know what to do with it.

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