5 simple ways to improve your listening skills

We all make the mistake that we think we’re listening well, but in fact, we aren’t. Or we do a job, that is just good enough. So here are 5 simple ways to help you improve your listening instantly. But before we talk about how to improve, let us say one thing: It’s not your …

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The truth about reading coaching books

What?! 27 books?! I was left shocked. Today I spoke to a lady who told me that she’d like to become a coach, and that she’s studying from books and watching webinars. “And how long have you known that you want to be a coach?” I said. “3 years, since we arrived to this country …

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The Client – Coach agreement

“Are you ready? Yes, I’m ready.” These are the words that mean coaching can begin. So, to lay out ground rules only makes sense While setting a written agreement, is one of the things which are highly recommended, and sometimes required from us coaches, some coaches find the idea of asking clients to sign a …

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We don’t stop, we change the route

If you were to drive from The Hague to Amsterdam, and all of a sudden they would close the tunnel near Schiphol airport, what would you do? Stop there and stay at the entrance to the tunnel? Of course not. You’ll look for an alternative route, even if your sat-nav (whichever you’re using) is still …

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