Can you guarantee that I’ll be able to make a living from coaching?

If we had a time machine and could predict what our future would be like… But we don’t.

A potential student was asking: how could she know that she’ll be making a living out of coaching?
Many people who are coming to our courses have that wish and this question.

What I tell them is that while no one can predict what their future will look like, we can be in the here and now, and do 100% of what we can at present, in order to create the future we’d like to see for ourselves.

So what she needs to do now is what she can do at the moment, and that’s to choose the best coaching course, which best fits her, with the best support system and the best curriculum that will give the results that are bringing her as close as possible to her goals of making a living from coaching.

In her case, it needs to be a course that combines practice and theory together with a supervised practicum part, so that she ends up the course as an actual working coach, with actual work experience, confident that she’s able to coach professionally and efficiently, already has clientele, and she knows who she is as a coach, knows how to present her work and how to attract the right clients for her.

With this in her pocket: knowledge, practice, and a lot of experience, she will have the ability to create the reality she’d like for herself. And while this still doesn’t guarantee success and making a living, because she’ll have to work hard on building herself a good name and reputation, this is the best way to work towards it and make a strong start.

I’ve yet to meet the person who took a course (any course) and has become a success just by finishing it.
But I’ve seen plenty of passionate people who had a dream and have done everything in their ability to make it become a reality, and succeeded in that.
Taking a course is often the first step, followed by other steps. But the more the course is actually bringing you to the results you are looking to achieve, the better.
In the case of a coaching course, this means a thorough with plenty of support for all your ethical and professional dilemmas and with supervised practice.


And there was another thing…

This lovely lady was also concerned because she’s seeing so many successful coaches out there, and was wondering if she’ll be able to penetrate the market.
To which I want to say to her two things:
1. If you see that there are many people who are using coaching, isn’t it great? It means that we’re finally in a place where there’s an understanding of how beneficial this profession is.
2. Maybe the most important sentence I’ve ever heard in terms of success:
If it’s possible in the world, it’s also possible for me.
Think about it.

I choose to always walk in the direction of what I want.
I don’t know how it’ll end up, I have no control over the results, but I do have control over what I do NOW in order to get to my results.
THIS is totally in my control.


We’re looking forward to seeing you moving your life forward.
If you believe it, you also can do it. And it will be our privilege to help you do this to the best of your ability.

Noa Brume
Founder of The ICCI

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