“But why are your courses so long?!”

You may have heard about shorter coaching courses… we simply don’t believe you can gain the knowledge and experience you need unless you invest the time.


Becoming a good coach is a journey, a process.

Just like running a half-marathon, or even 10K, will not just happen from zero to accomplished after one long weekend training, so goes coaching. You need to build your strength and capacity through deliberate practise.

You might be able to grab some useful tools on short term courses, but this is just not enough to make you able to properly help people, to take them through a journey of change.

Not in our view.


We believe in thorough training,

in experiencing,

in in-depth learning,

in gaining the theoretical knowledge as well as learning a large number of tools and skills which coaches, and their clients, need.

And above all we believe in practising.

Practising the skills and the tools,

the means and the ways to be a professional helper.

Drilling the methods until it’s second nature to you.


We believe that it’s important to first practise with the support of professional trainers, then with other people on the course, and only then on your own with real clients (and even then, we keep providing support).


This will help you know if you’re working professionally and ethically.

And even more than that…

You’ll experience a journey of growth, yourself, through a meaningful period of time which will help you assist others in their journey of growth and change.

It’s for all these reasons that we offer long term courses, in which you can gradually and confidently become a practicing coach.

A coach who can truthfully say, “I have the knowledge and skills to help others and can proudly offer my services”. No hesitation, and with a great sense of confidence in who you are, what you can offer, and the wellness you can bring to the world.

And this is why we don’t offers quick-fix courses, but rather, develop our students gradually until they’re ready to be out there, working in the community.


We invite you to become that coach.

To train in a profoundly meaningful course, to get results, so you do not waste your time and money.

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