10 Top Team Building Activities

Good leaders know how to lighten up even the most boring of meetings with surprising activities.They also know how to make them beneficial to the group and even to the purpose of the gathering. To help you be that great leader, we’ve put together a list of fun activities, to make it easy on you. …

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5 simple ways to improve your listening skills

We all make the mistake that we think we’re listening well, but in fact, we aren’t. Or we do a job, that is just good enough. So here are 5 simple ways to help you improve your listening instantly. But before we talk about how to improve, let us say one thing: It’s not your …

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Julia’s story: “This course gave me an overall confidence that I can do better”

Julia was just promoted to a manager position, when not long after that, she participated on the Open Training Day of The ICCI. The next day Julia decided to apply one of the tools we demonstrated during that open day, and it worked its magic. For her this was proof enough that this is what …

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