Let’s talk business: Where can you work as a coach?

Alright, folks, let’s talk life coaching – the profession that everyone seems to say that they practise. Only the truth is… that they’re usually not. Because even if you learned a coaching course, this doesn’t make you a professional coach. Not until… (wait, we’ll explain). But first, what is life coaching? Life coaching is all …

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Why are values so important to us?

Imagine that it’s Christmas Eve: You just heard that your best friend’s daughter needs to go through an urgent and unexpected operation to remove her appendix. The operation finished around midnight. You get into the car and drive to your friend’s house to collect some essentials for her to sleep in, shower, and change as …

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Does everyone who trains as a coach go through meaningful personal development themselves?

Our answer is: that it is better for them if they do. A person who has been through a meaningful process of self-development is by nature going to be one who will find it easier to foster such a growth process for someone else. And isn’t this what coaching is? So yes, in a way, …

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What my friend didn’t understand about coaching

When a friend said that he doesn’t want to go to coaching because he doesn’t want someone to tell him what to do, I realised how mistaken people could be when it comes to understanding what coaching is about. Like many things, it’s easier to explain what it is not: ❌ Coaching is not telling …

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5 simple ways to improve your listening skills

We all make the mistake that we think we’re listening well, but in fact, we aren’t. Or we do a job, that is just good enough. So here are 5 simple ways to help you improve your listening instantly. But before we talk about how to improve, let us say one thing: It’s not your …

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