A journalist, an anthropologist and a dance instructor met at a course…

No, it’s not a beginning of a joke (although we love jokes).

These are just the people that took advantage of the discounted early registration period.


We also have a social worker, an English teacher, an editor and a media expert.

We have people coming from far (Belgium and Austria) and near (The Hague and Leiden).

We have people from Europe, America and Asia

Men and women,

Older and younger.

Single and married.

Academic, and non-academic.



This is what we love,
This is what we celebrate!

This is diversity at its best.

In an international coaching course like ours,
differences are the essence of everything we do.

We specialise in understanding how to allow those differences to exist, how to accept one another and enjoy the diversity and to learn from each other.

It’s of high importance for us, that each one of our students will feel comfortable to share their story, feel comfortable to share from their life experience (which is in the heart of coaching).


If you feel that you can help others by sharing from your life-experience, and that you’re patient to learn from others, then join us, and learn coaching with us.


The next course will start on October 5th 2019 in The Hague.

Our International Coaching Diploma Courses are part time (10 training days a year on Saturdays, roughly once a month), in English and Face-to-Face.

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