The truth about reading coaching books

What?! 27 books?!
I was left shocked.

Today I spoke to a lady who told me that she’d like to become a coach, and that she’s studying from books and watching webinars.

“And how long have you known that you want to be a coach?” I said.
“3 years, since we arrived to this country where I can’t do my other job, although it’s been a dream of mine for a while”.

“May I ask you: on top of the free online lesson which I gave and you watched last week, how many webinars related to coaching have you watched so far?”

“Oh, I can’t even tell you how many” she said, “But I did read 27 books!”

(Here I tried to keep my voice calm)

“And… Do you feel as if you’re ready to coach?”


“I know a lot about coaching”

“So why are you not one? In this country anyone can put a sign on their door and say that from this day they work as a coach”.


“I just don’t know if I’ll be good at it or how to even start”.


In a practical job such as coaching, there’s only one way to know if you’ll be good at it, and only one way to dare and to start:

It’s called practice.

You can learn all the theory you want (even 27 books!) but it’s learning the right sets of skills and tools, and practising them, and practising them once more, first with support, then on your own with other people who you study with, and only then, when you’re ready, on your own (but still with our support) that will allow you to gain the confidence you need to become a working, earning coach.

We truly believe, that theory is important,
but that it’s practice that will bring you to where you want.

This is why our courses are what we call “Hands on” courses.
We practise the different coaching skills right from day one: 5 minutes, then 10 minutes, until a couple of months later, you find yourself sitting in front of someone and…
Coaching them for a whole hour!
And it’s easy, and you’re calm, and you love it.

This is how you learn coaching:
By doing!

Join our International Coaching Diploma Course, and you’ll see how things which you found impossible, are becoming easy and second nature to you.

We believe you can do it too.

Noa Brume
Courses manager and expert trainer

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