Will you be teaching us enough tools to use when we coach people?

“I would like to ask:
Will you be teaching us enough tools to use when we coach people?”

This question came as a concern from one of the people inquiring about the International Coaching Diploma Course.

Tools can be very useful.

But before we’ll get to the tools in the course,
we’ll work well and hard on teaching you skills.
Coaches rely on their professional skills:
Listening skills
Observation skills
Attention giving skills
Effective Feedback
Questioning skills
Communication skills
And many more…

On our unique and “hands-on” course, we’ll first help you to feel comfortable with your presence as a coach; comfortable with offering professional help to other people.

This is done by learning and practising coaching skills,
and we introduce those gradually right from the 1st training day, so you can feel comfortable in your new skin.

It will only be after teaching and practising those important in-and-outs of the profession that we’ll move to practising with tools.

In other words,
We see you (your being, your presence, your own self) as the most important tool when it comes to coaching:
The way you listen;
The way you are present and offering effective help in the relationship with your clients;
The insights you can observe and offer;
All this and more, is central in the process of becoming a coach.

This is why we first invest a lot of time in making you comfortable in your new role.
And then,
when all this is rooted in place,
only then we introduce some interesting and highly effective coaching tools.

In other words;
We invest in you.
We help you to become a professional helper.
And once you are ready for it,
once you have this wonderful feeling that you can and you know and you’re able to help people,
then learning to work with coaching tools
become the easy part in the process.

So easy in fact, that you’ll develop the ability to pick and choose your own tools which will suite your personal unique style of work.

Noa Brume
The International Coaching Diploma course co-ordinator at The ICCI

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